We Provide Companion Care (12 Hours) Services

Companion Care looks to increase the quality of urban life, with conversation and interaction, particularly when we live alone, recently bereaved or finding it hard to adjust. Loneliness is a potent killer, that is silent and comes from social deprivation.

We target isolation directly and our Care assistants identify the factors that are leading to continued loneliness, we approach these factors with a course that is pre-approved and shared with other family members.

We Provide Senior Care (24 Hour) Services

Our Caregivers are constant companions with the Seniors, in surroundings and environment that are most familiar to you. They act as 24x7 assistants, facilitating all requirements of the Senior and the family. They update with the family, regularly, keeping them informed.

Our Caregivers assist your loved ones to maintain their lives as they age, in their own communities living under their own roof. Our Caregiver, provide a helping hand with Multi-Role Care spanning medical care, companionship, personal care.

Responsibilities of our Home Health Aide
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Administering Medication
  • Companionship and Support
  • Light Physical Exercise and Training
  • Organization of Appointments and schedules
  • Recording Vital Conditions on regular intervals
  • Regulating and providing daily nutrients as per dietary requirements

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Arushi Healthcare Advantage

Home health aide services are tailored to suit your needs. With challenges like ageing, special needs, chronic illnesses and cognitive difficulties, it becomes difficult for individuals to take care of themselves. Our professional aide’s assist with a caring hand to ensure that your senior or loved one is taken care of.

Our home health aides work tirelessly to ensure a significant increase in the quality of life through a hands-on approach. It is a 24-hour role where the aide is trained extensively to ensure a smooth and comfortable stay.

Our HHA’s are given training in soft skills, ethical and moral training to make sure they blend perfectly into the environment. At Arushi Healthcare, you are always greeted by a courteous caregiver.

Our Home health aides are trained to the highest as per the International Standards, to make certain that help people build a life of comfort and dignity.

We combine key services that make these aides indispensable to people who seek their assistance, they are backed by a strong team that conducts regular monitoring of their services and adherence to the highest standards.


Q. What is Arushi Healthcare?

Arushi Healthcare is a home care service provider committed to providing Quality Care to our Seniors, and ensuring that they age happy. We provide personalised Homecare services for our clients with regular monitoring to provide constant and ongoing care.
Q. When to Use Arushi Healthcare?

Your family member needs support and care during phases of life as they grow old, as you try to balance the pressures of an urban world. It becomes increasingly difficult to provide support, because of various factors like lack of time, work, distance to your loved one, to name a few and as times passes, your loved one's struggles increase. A person will start showing indications of loneliness and sickness in some time, Arushi Healthcare is the right option for your family and you can see results within a short span of time.
Q. Why is Arushi Healthcare Better?

Arushi Healthcare is devoted to a better life and a better experience, we thoroughly vet our candidates across various points matching them with your requirements. We provide complete details of the Arushi Healthcare Caregiver at your fingertips. We have constant monitoring mechanism for our staff and ensure that your happiness and satisfaction is achieved. We provide an Arushi Healthcare assistant to you within 2 days of your request, we look to resolve any concerns within 24 hours, further providing support 24X7.
Q. Is Arushi Healthcare more Expensive than other Services?

Arushi Healthcare has Care Assistants that service your requirements that adopt a muti-purpose the role, they are qualified and look to provide personal betterment. We provide verified staffers and are constantly available in comparison to the unorganised maids presently that cause problem laters and cannot be traced or reported. The food and provisions to sustain the Care Assistant will be provided from your end
We supplement our services, with multi-layer care. Our Senior nurses review the work and activities of the Care assistant on a weekly basis, with visits and look to record positive development.
Q. What is Multilayer Care by Arushi Healthcare?

Arushi Healthcare looks to supplement Homecare, with MultiLayer Care, our Care Assistants are reviewed through weekly visits by senior nurses. They take feedback from you, to the service standards and maintain records of progress. The environment is reviewed to ensure Sanitisation and Complete Cleanliness with photos being clicked so that they can be viewed by family members across the world.
Q. How do I get Arushi Healthcare Assistant replacement?

Please reach out to us through the phone with the reason and within the next 48 hours, we will provide a replacement staffer more suited for your needs. Our homecare senior staff will look to visit your house in case of any concerns being raised by you.
Q. What are your Hiring Standards for Arushi HealthcareAssistants?

Care assistants are chosen for their Morals and Character. They are then expertly trained to support seniors and their loved ones. We look to selectively match their interests with your families so that they blend easily with your families. All our Care assistants believe that the families deserve the highest standards of health and care under their own roofs and proud of Homecarea’s commitment to Homecare.